Dr. Selim Cevher


Dr. Selim Cevher  wasborn in Konya, Turkeyand is a graduate of Akdeniz UniversityFaculty of Medicine. He obtained his ophthalmologytraining at the University of Health Sciences Adana Numune Training and Research Hospital.Dr. Cevher has tenyears’ experience in ophthalmicsurgery, with specialinterest in cataractsurgery, cornealtran splantation, and retinaldiseases.He wasthefirstperson at Corum Olçok Hospital toper for mthecornealtransplantation. Dr. Cevher is a member of Turkish Ophthalmology Society, Young Ophthalmologists, and Europe an Society of Retina Specialists. Dr. Cevher is an active participantin clinic alresearchand he is an assistantprofessor of Ophthalmology at MedicalFaculty of Hitit University since 2018. Dr. Cevher has nationalandin ternationalacade micstudiesandco ntinuesthesestu dies. Dr. Cevher resides in Çorum, CT with his wife, andenjoys life with histhreesons.