Ophthalmology department of Çorum Erol Olçok Hospital is one of the leading health care centers for cataract surgery in Turkey. At the Çorum Erol Olçok Hospital, our specialty trained physicians and state-of-the-art facilities are in the service of best of our patients. Our main focus is the restoration of our patients’ sights and regain of their functional capacities, helping them to get best both medical and surgical treatment. Our medical staff has a vast surgical experience. Most of our eye surgeons have a surgical experience based on a prestigious medical learning coupled with an experience of more than a thousand surgical operations. Our ophthalmology department has a state-of-the art medical facilities options including the latest laser cataract technologies, surgical implants, and diagnostic imaging.

As a part of aging process, almost everyone will develop some degree of cataract at some point in their lives. If vision loss because of cataract causes difficulties in everyday activities, such as driving, reading, or performing business activities, it is recommended to remove cataract by an cataract operation. 
Cataract is simply defined as the clouding of natural lens in the human eye. Most of the cataracts develops as a part of aging process. But in some cases congenital cataract in early ages may be seen in pediatric patients because of a congenital birth defects. In addition trauma, some metabolic diseases, drugs and infections can cause cataract in young people. However, most of the cataract patients are over 60 years of age.

Accommodation is an ability of human eye to see close objects, like small prints on paper. With aging process this accommodation ability decreases. Generally over 40 years, most of the people senses a difficulty in reading. Natural human lens in eye become stiffer and loses its capacity to accommodate. As the cataract increases, cloudiness in lens increases and cause impairment in accommodation. In addition cataract cause impairment in visual acuity and driving becomes more difficult because of glare. Impairment in color vision causes trouble in fine vision and in seeing street signs. Performation of routine daily activities become more difficult to do as the cataract progress.

Cataract surgery is one the most frequently performed surgeries, may be the number one. It has an excellent success rates in the most of the cases. Still in some selected cases risk of operation might be higher. Your doctor will diagnose the risky conditions and other individual risk factors in preoperative examination and will inform you before the surgery.